UK Bitcoin Brokering

I have had one year of experience buying and selling Bitcoins as well as advising family and friends to buy and trade them. One of my close friends made in excess of $20,000 owing to a single purchase made and retained.

Bitcoin is not the volatile currency that people suppose, although not backed by gold, and subject to market forces,it has a huge amount of investment in it already and the market is exploding.

Owing to my existing trading methods I am able to buy a small number of coin increments a day at trading prices so I am offering the following service:

  • have your own secure virtual wallet opened up to store your Bitcoins
  • I will purchase £1000 worth of Bitcoins on your behalf and store them in your wallet
  • I will provide instructions for how you can cash the coins back into physical currency

Bitcoin value has soared in the last year and doesn’t look like the pace will be slowing any time soon. At time of writing they were creeping on $1000 each.Should the currency increase in value another ten fold (which has happened in the last year), you will be able to extract a total of £10,000 from your virtual wallet in a years time.

The cost for this service is £200 + trading costs from the exchanges
(which after money transfer and service charges comes to £50).


Please fill in the form below if you are interested in paying for this service.

Please note that Bitcoin is not backed by the FSA, prices can go up as well as down, please only spend what you can afford to lose. Owing to trading limitations and money transfers it may be up to ten days from form submission until I can purchase coins on your behalf. Prices paid will be those available at the minute of purchase.
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