Reporting and Analytics

Ad Server Verification – Geographic and Device Reporting

Geo Reporting Probably the most well established verification technology is Geographical Reporting (also called “Geo-Performance”). Third party ad servers can detect the IP… more »

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Dear Songkick, when will you extend coverage to Festivals?

Here’s an idea I had. Songkick (the genius app that looks through your music collection and pushes alerts when you favorite artists are… more »

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Ad Server Basic Performance Metrics – Clicks Vs Conversions

Clicks and Click-through Rate (CTR) Clicks are a recorded increment in the ad server, counting a user clicking on an ad. As a… more »

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Now that SEO is dead, how to market over the noise?

Hire smart coders and social marketers, build content on apps as signposts to your domain. Consumer eyeballs are darting all over the place,… more »

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The penny just dropped for me on Tumblr

Oh! Oh i see! Tumblr is spectacular after all! On an long tail internet, user generated content can take four core forms. Text… more »

Reporting and Analytics Authenticate

What is Ad Server Ad Verification?

What is Ad Server Ad verification? After checking delivery reports briefly to see that the campaign started without a hitch, the next most… more »

Reporting and Analytics bulletime

The Bullet-time of Ad Server tracking and counting

Waiting around for ad Delivery – the bullet time user experience It is a marketing goal to deliver an ad without disrupting the… more »

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Ad Serving Privacy 101 – Being aware of User Ad Choices

The Ad Choices Program The ad choices program is a system that allows users to opt out of behavioural targeting via a small… more »

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Ad Serving Technology – the distinction between first and third party cookies?

First party vs. third Party Cookies There are two main types of cookie. The “first party cookie” is placed on the user’s computer… more »

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Optimisation tips – Optimising to a specific campaign ROI in Direct Response

ROI (& extended data) goals The ROI is revealed in the third party ad server’s conversion tag extended data (where the conversion tag… more »