Now that SEO is dead, how to market over the noise?


Hire smart coders and social marketers, build content on apps as signposts to your domain.

Consumer eyeballs are darting all over the place, the consumption of ads is increasing, the consumption of “rich” media requiring anything more than a few minutes of focus has fallen sharply. Asking the consumer to make sure that every-time they want to find a thing they need to go to a single location search engine is failing. Mobile phones displace even these giants of the web, yielding diffferent results to different consumers. As a website owner, a single organization can no longer keep up with adapting SEO to fit the specifications required by each of the search engine’s thousands of consumable iterations and page results on the word “custard”.

Google natural search results must be thought of as content in its own right and not Advertising. Its consumable, you have to read it to find anything and “organizing the worlds information” has never been a more frustrating look-up. As I continue to use the internet I notice that (thank god) my information is coming through several sources and i no longer have to bridge Google as this “content provider” to reach my audience. Why? because I do not tweak my content to suit Google’s search results, I tweak it to suit a differentiated marketplace of publishers driving consumption. I am of course talking about what marketers deem the “owned properties”, their own pages of Facebook, Pinterest, Tumblr, Youtube Channel, Android, and billion dollar consumption platforms like Spotify.

Marketing spend needs to shift from treating long chunks of text on websites as bait to lure in search engine users, to utilising the invitation from other Publishing platforms to connect to their free APIs and extend content outside of the website (yes in some instances giving away a crown jewel or two) to build a presence nested in an emerging platform.

Case in point: Warren, the independent supermarket owner at the end of my street, complains that he is doing terrible business, the internet is at fault, no one comes in the shop. He asks his son, the web designer to make a website. They make a website. The site is adapted for SEO so that if you use Google, you will find the shop… if you look hard for it.

Evolving media consumption requires Warren to extend signposts about his product offering beyond the properties he owns. Within two months the shop is still quiet but in the backroom, business is raging as Warren sets up both an Ebay and Amazon store front. Posting images of the most obscure fruit that comes through the door daily to Pinterest. Creating videos about how to shop more efficiently in a supermarket onto Youtube. And churning out a stream of social media updates, connecting the instant fix reality of the connected population to Warren and his empire.

How do I know this works? I am selling books. This content attracts around three sales a day but my Pinterest board, Facebook page, Youtube Channel and connected external properties serve to being in seven more. Google alone fails to give me the mass reach i need from free advertising. No longer a single marketplace, I have learned and adapted and peddle free content to new age publications on mass media consumption. These signposts are ones a growing younger population has no trouble reading.

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