Facebook Algorithm Flaw – The Stalker always wins

Are you a Facebook stalker? Perhaps there is someone on Facebook that you like, who doesn’t like you quite as much in return. Facebook favors the stalker. The more activities that the stalker shows interest in for this user, the more of the user’s activities appear on the stalkers feed, feeding an unhealthy addiction.

So who has a feed populated with information about you?

Who are your stalkers?

This is not as hard to distinguish as one might think. Look back at the last three things you posted on your wall; links, pictures, videos, status updates. Is there a trend with who is “liking” this information? The Facebook architecture is designed so that your close friends will be liking the information but there will also be some “like” activity occurring across folk in your extended friend network (those that are classed as friends but that you rarely speak to). If you are not engaging this second group of users, their activity will not appear on your news feed but the more of your activities that they like of yours, the more will appear in their feed. The news feed begins alerting these “stalkers” when there is new activity to like so that they can continue to stalk.

How did the cycle of stalking begin?

As these stalker users are sit on the outer parameter of your social circle they will not have seen any of your activity in their feed originally so they would have actively gone to seek your information. The stalker would actively have accessed your profile demonstrating some interest. The trend of continual “likes” on their behalf, exposes an unhealthy single-directional behavior that you may not want to occur. The problem is that the only controls to prevent this are a drastic block rather than a control to remove the frequency of your activity appearing on their wall and restricting the display of photos is a convoluted process, near impossible when using connected applications like Instragram.

Facebook favors the stalker. The Stalker always wins.

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