Santa Knows how to Scale marketing efforts

Make 2015 the year of ad serving, just like it was in 1998. The classics never get old. Merry Christmas everyone!


Facebook relaunch Atlas – but is it still an Ad Server?

Facebook relaunch Atlas – but is it still an Ad Server? Facebook have announced today that the famed Atlas Ad Server has been… more »


Ad Serving Technology – Praise for a much needed #adserving industry text

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Marketers: Stay on top of Ad Tech updates via Youtube

Here’s a request i have had from a number of folks over the last couple of months: Ad Tech is changing so rapidly,… more »

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Will the Zoopa IPO throw light on digital media stock?

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The penny just dropped for me on Tumblr

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Volunteering Big Data – Selling individuality for hyper-consumerism

At the moment the world of privacy control is in its infancy. Mass consumerism and advertising personalization are reaching a tipping point where… more »


What is Foursquare worth?

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Snapchat – Fad or Revolution?

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Facebook Algorithm Flaw – The Stalker always wins

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