The importance of Ad server Benchmark reporting

Global Benchmarks The urge to look over a friends shoulder in an exam is not always to cheat but rather to check that… more »


Ad Server Verification – Domain URL Scraping

Some advertiser-side ad server features may leave the Publisher wide eyed and fearful. For the first time ever, 3rd party ad serving can… more »


Advanced Considerations in ad server Cookie Level Data

Ad Server cookie level data offers unrivaled granularity when it comes to machines digesting the ad server output as rows and columns provide… more »


Advanced Ad Server Analytics – Understanding Reach and Frequency Reports

Unique Reach The concept of ‘uniqueness’ is an important consideration in ad server reporting. Impressions reported in the basic aggregated reporting “impressions” column… more »


The death of CPM – Will Impressions last forever?

A new impression? Impressions may have had their day (defined by the IAB as when the ad server counts the request for an… more »

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Ad Verification – Content Classification at Advertiser Level

If you knew what content your ad would be served next to, would you choose to put it there? Content Classification Verification tools… more »

Ad Server Verification – Geographic and Device Reporting

Geo Reporting Probably the most well established verification technology is Geographical Reporting (also called “Geo-Performance”). Third party ad servers can detect the IP… more »


Ad Server Basic Performance Metrics – Clicks Vs Conversions

Clicks and Click-through Rate (CTR) Clicks are a recorded increment in the ad server, counting a user clicking on an ad. As a… more »


What is Ad Server Ad Verification?

What is Ad Server Ad verification? After checking delivery reports briefly to see that the campaign started without a hitch, the next most… more »


The Bullet-time of Ad Server tracking and counting

Waiting around for ad Delivery – the bullet time user experience It is a marketing goal to deliver an ad without disrupting the… more »