What is a third party adserver and why use one?

What is third party ad serving?


A third party ad server is a business to business machine or system that does a specific service. This machine lives in various locations around the world to complete the tasks of the service; it lives in “the Cloud”. As with other services that live in the Cloud it is possible to access them only via a web browser. Third party ad serving core “customers” are Media Agencies and Advertisers. These customers pay to have access to be able to log into the third party ad serving interface. Once inside the interface, the tasks are broken down into two separate areas: campaign management and reporting.

Customers choose to use a third party ad server for these main reasons:

  1. Accredited Independent third party
  2. Consistent Counting Methodology
  3. Reliability to serve and Server uptime
  4. Format Support and Publisher certification
  5. Single location Reporting
  6. De-Duplicated Reporting
  7. Campaign Specific Needs and Features

Customers of third party ad servers pay initially for the ad space and then pay a tiny fee on top for each advert to benefit from the above. The third party ad serving space, as a section of the advertising technology industry has matured, the third party ad servers available to potential customers today is rather small. In fact there are only really two truly global third party ad servers left choose from: DoubleClick and Sizmek. The others have seen diminishing growth or have never seen adoption beyond a handful of countries and a global ad server is important so that global Advertisers are seeing the above benefits in all markets. These more local third party ad servers include Adform, Mediaplex, AdRiver, Atlas, Flashtalking and Weborama. Thankfully there is uniformity among these technologies – they all work in basically the same way..

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