Youtube UK begins rolling out Mid-Roll video ads

Youtube UK begins rolling out Mid-Roll video ads 

Two weeks ago, as a video content viewer on Youtube, I experienced a new, or rather old ad serving method for Video from Youtube.

Just when i thought i had escaped being served an ad, Youtube served me a mid-roll unit.


What is Mid-roll?

This is the technical term for a video ad, playing in the middle of the featured video content.

As a standard, non-premium publishers have largely phased this format out since the inception of Instream earlier than 2007 but it appears to have returned for 2014.

The Youtube player pauses while the ad plays over the top and then the featured content resumes when the ad is finished.

No way I’m going to be clicking away when I am 20 minutes into a program.. and of course there is no way to skip.

This is a screenshot of the mid roll ad.


I am not sure if I was being shown this unit as a test or if this has been widely rolled out yet, but time will tell.

Has anyone else seen this format?

Have any planners or buyers been offered this video unit in direct-buys or over Google AdX?

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