Optimisation Tips – Optimising to Total Conversions or attributed conversions

Total Conversions or E-Conversions

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The analyst can begin optimizing to conversions by running conversion reports by format as well as by Publisher. This will indicate where and when conversions are occurring. Establishing a baseline for conversions as a success criteria, can be more challenging for conversions, as the amalgamated conversion data in the benchmark might include conversion events that are not comparable to an Advertisers goal. For this reason, previous campaign data is more valuable to set expectations.

Audience quality plays an important role in conversion optimization. This does not always mean making an adjustment to planned delivery by Publisher. It can mean acquiring more data to provide better audience intelligence. For instance, those users with insurance policies up for renewal may have made this information available to a data collection company. Marketers could use the marketing budget to borrow the data to establish which cookieIDs are more valuable to the conversion goal. An advanced data management strategy could achieve this using a DMP and be followed by a creative or media optimization. In addition it is important to decide what conversions are the established goal. Selecting view based conversions or click based conversions come with their own considerations. Also, with conversion optimization, where click-to-land is priority for the Advertiser, click based conversions would take priority and the attribution settings on the conversion tag can be setup to meet this need.

Total Conversions – Creative Optimization

  • Just as with clicks, standard ad server reporting will show which ads and creative drove the most conversions. The trafficker can adjust the ad controls accordingly so that these ads are shown more frequently. As with clicks and engagements, the analyst can consider how other ads and creative in the same campaign contributed to the conversion before making any changes.
  • Conversions are also affected by the Advertiser site, so analysts can also focus on the clickthrough URL to establish if conversions were more likely if the user arrived on a particular landing page.
  • Advanced Time to convert reporting will reveal if the conversion window has been set too liberally or not. Having the trafficker make the adjustment to the windows on the conversion tag based on the analysis will ensure conversions are not being missed.
  • The trafficker could also carve off some of the audience to see if A/B testing exposes that one audience performs better on conversion events that another. The traffickers can then work with the analyst to optimize to this audience.


Total Conversions – Media Optimization

  • Once again, the analyst can look at which sites, sections, Publishers, Networks and channels provided the most conversions and consider removing those that are not driving as many conversions or any at all from the media plan.
  • For e-conversions, it will be essential for the analyst to look further up the conversion funnel in cookie level data at the pathway to conversion. Although engagement mapping will take into consideration the conversion influence by other factors, the analyst should keep checking reporting to ensure the most effective attribution model is in place for the optimum representation of e-conversions.
  • With regards to cost model in display, the media planners and buyers could agreement to pay Publishers based on an agreed attribution model as a CPA. This will ensure the Advertiser’s unique conditions for conversion optimization are being met in the buying cycle.
  • For the search channel, the media could be optimized by the trafficker by paying more for the keywords that drive the most conversions and bringing in P2C data to enhance the decision.


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