Optimisation Tips – Optimising to Performance goals – Engagement and Interraction

Engagement and Interaction

Interaction and engagement is only going to be available on Rich Media and video ads. Although the cost to serve formats in these ‘channels’ will be higher, engagement can be a valuable indication of performance if creative and media fail to instigate users to click, convert and buy from ads.

Brand Advertisers that rarely look at performance would do well to monitor engagement levels in reporting. At the least, they can provide an indication of awareness.

To establish a baseline for engagement and interaction as a success criteria, the analyst can begin by checking the benchmark and performance reporting for engagement on previous campaigns. At a minimum, format performance for engagement by country and Advertiser vertical will set an expectation before optimization begins. The goal is then to beat the benchmark or improve on the previous campaign.


Engagement – Creative Optimization

  • Sometimes creative developers and designers recycle old creative templates to save time but user engagement has an affinity towards novelty and difference. The Creative Agency can make the ad more appealing to the user by using the latest available components in the ad serving provider supplied component pack for Flash. Inspiration for new executions can be attained from ad serving provider showcases. Some providers also offer in-person support to inspire innovation based on the available technology. More innovative executions will boost engagement levels.
  • Creative designers can now utilise HTML5 to deliver executions with better opportunity for engagement through motion, touch and device-specific features. The Advertiser may wish to consider paying the Creative Agency to deliver a new execution, if the campaign is already running, if the campaign is not performing well on engagement across the board.
  • Instream Video, runs at a higher media cost and cost to serve but is shown to provide significant opportunity for user engagement. In particular the analyst may have to consider switching from VAST formats to VPAID or DCO for Instream. These formats are emerging and will attract higher levels of engagement due to their novelty.
  • The analyst can look at ad server reporting by format cross-Publisher. The reports may indicate that some formats attract better engagement than others. The analyst can instruct the trafficker to drop low engagement formats from the placements or up-weight those with higher levels of engagement. It is possible that if the frequency and reach levels of badly performing formats were adjusted that they might improve to even higher levels that those ads that appear to have high engagement at low frequency rates.
  • The analyst should also consider looking at cookie level data to extract information about what ads and formats may have influenced levels of engagement in events on the pathway to a specific custom interaction.
  • In addition optimizing to a refined audience targeting may reveal an affinity between audience types and engagement levels to present the rich media ads to those audiences that are more inclined to engage and display ads to the rest.

Engagement – Media Optimization

  • Analysts may wish to look closely at engagement reports and interaction metrics to see which Networks, Publishers, Sites, Site sections, Placements and whole channels are driving the optimum interactions. The analyst can advise the media planners and buyers to adjust the media plan according the results to improve the campaign performance.
  • Traffickers can place retargeting tags (see below link – Chapter 7) on the custom interactions within the creative and then programmatic buying (see below link – Chapter 8) could be used to seek out those same users again by buying media that they are actively on. By extending further media cost to those users above all others, the optimization is being undertaken on engagement.
  • By introducing a cost model based on engagement, such as cost per engagement or pay out on a video duration metric, the campaign will self-optimize towards this goal.


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