Make the switch to interactive Video with VPAID

It is such a surprise to me that more TV advertisers are not throwing caution to the wind and using their existing video assets to create interactive video ads online in video players as pre-roll. The tools available today with networks, ad servers and technology companies mean that is very simple if a little more pricey that standard online video to get users to start engaging with a brand through a video before the featured content. VPAID templates easily allow Advertiser to embed links to galleries, news feeds, twitter feeds and sharing on Facebook that I am astounded more Advertisers are not doing it.

On Sunday 2nd February I was featured in the Sunday Telegraph and quoted for my reaction to the in-balance between video on TV and video online. Some of the largest online Publishers have unsold video inventory which supports interactive video ads in VPAID format. Therefore there is room for negotiation on the price of the inventory where it is premium to test the water and see if users generate greater traffic through to the site, brand properties and in-ad engagement.


greg cristal article

An interview with me in last Sunday’s Telegraph (a UK national newspaper).

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