How to keep on top of Advertising Technology Trends?

How to keep on top of Advertising Technology Trends?


Finding time to keep up with all the latest trends in advertising technology and getting to grips with best practice for ad serving can be time consuming. My book “Adserving Technology- Understand the marketing revelation that commercialized the internet” has been very well received by an industry, hungry for education. But what happens after you have read the book?

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Youtube can be a good source of content, particular if you are like me and absorb information better through video than through other channels. The problem is that with Youtube, there is a lot of rubbish and repetition and it is difficult to surface real trends and breaking news. I am trying my best to surface the good bits here:

I have found two channels work quite well. Twitter is something I have only been using recently: but with 1000’s of technologies out there and Twitters PAINFUL policy on the limit of following 2000 feeds, it is both difficult to read everything and also difficult to whittle down sources to get key information. I am trying to do what i can to surface stories that point towards genuine growth and progress for the industry as a whole rather than pointing to news that is old hat. Follow me here: @ideasears

Beyond this, I am a visual learner and I have found Pinterest to be a good source of information. Luckily I like scrolling through lists and separating out the rubbish from the good stuff. Follow me here:  or check out my boards on Digital Advertising for Global brands: or here: Adservers and Digital Advertising Technology:



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