Facebook needs third party ad serving to combat wastage – A DCO example

old bank note

Facebook’s “walled garden” approach to allowing 3rd party technology on its site can mean that Advertisers do not have access to the latest technologies to control and deploy their ads and this can spell wastage for its Advertisers.

At the end of April 2014, the old £50 note was removed from circulation. Colored in Red, the UK press warned consumers that there was just a few short days left to spend the money in stores before it was effectively worthless. A week later and I found myself chuckling at an Advertiser on Facebook, using an image of this out of date currency. The image remained for several days for “xforex.com” surely painting a bad image for an Advertiser paying good money to appear on Facebook.

Facebook policy does not currently allow third parties to deliver ads to Facebook. Instead impressions and clicks can be measured with trackers. If Facebook had allowed an adserver like Doubleclick or Sizmek to serve the ads then Xforex could have created a dynamic ad. The ad could have been created with a rule that checked the date for the switchover of the currency and replaced the image on the day it changed moving forwards. This would not have affected the delivery of the ad to Facebook or Facebook Exchange (FBX) where this ad was likely deployed from.

FBX does have it’s own solution for DCO, but currently it is not complex enough to allow Advertisers to change creative on a time based rotation: http://bn.co/blog/make-fbx-performance-soar-with-dynamic-creative-optimization-dco/

Complex Dynamic Creative Optimisation (DCO) is just one example of why Facebook should allow third party ad servers to deliver ads, effectively giving more control to the Advertiser and avoiding embarrassing wastage.

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