Ad Serving Technology – your concise 600 page reference guide

After two long years and thousands of hours of work, the first ever book on third party ad serving has been published and it is now available on Amazon here. Thanks to everyone that helped me bring this work to life including my family, my friends, colleagues past and present and all of those new supporters that will help make this the foundation of so many digital courses. By understanding how the technology works we can make correct use of it. Big data becomes less daunting when you know what metrics to look for and you understand the methodology behind those metrics. After all, Advertising is funding the free internet and we want to keep it that way without sacrificing quality. Please leave your feedback regarding the book on the amazon page.

Also available in the UK, Spain, Germany, France, Italy, Australia and the US.


2 Responses to “Ad Serving Technology – your concise 600 page reference guide”

  1. KS

    Feb 06. 2014

    This sounds like such an amazing book. Much looking forward to it. There’s no Kindle edition on Amazon US though. Is one coming? If so, when?

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    • admin

      Feb 11. 2014

      The diagrams within the book have a fair amount of detail in them and do not fit well in a kindle edition, the resulting copy would be thousands of pages long, which for some readers is not useful for a reference book. Having said this, I do aim to produce a kindle version for shorter books or editions.

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