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Cristal Consultancy Group offers expert opinion and concepts for Adserving, Advertising Technologies, Digital Payment and Affiliation Systems as well as trends in digital, medical and real-world economics. The content written in this blog is reflective of the authors themselves and NOT for the organizations at which they are employed or have previously been in employment. topics discussed here are freely disclosed because they do not form part of any existing consultation in origin. Consultations resulting from written content will remain undisclosed without written consent from all participating parties. The content written for this blog is wholly original and may not be replicated for distribution without written consent from the authors themselves. Commenting and debate is welcome on this site, we promise to publish all opinions to create an environment of healthy debate. And events depicted which reflect real-world consultations between parties unrelated to the authors are completely co-incidental. Every effort is made to ensure that existing employment terms for the authors are not breached by their participation in this blog, website and consultancy.


Who are the Contributors and Authors?

Gregory Cristal

Expert in 3rd party ad serving, cross channel ad delivery (including TV)  and tracking technologies, working in the industry of digital advertising since 2004. Previous employers include Yahoo!, Travelocity, Microsoft and Mediamind. Expert coverage extends from origins in UK specific, to EMEA and with a global expertise from 2012 onward. Full profile here on linkedin. (Author, Editor, Founder)


James Cristal

Expert in digital payment systems and internet sports book betting. James has trained with global brands Paddy Power, Poker Stars and Skrill and offers deep insights into the world of sport bet affiliation, global digital money transfer and real data processing. James’ expert coverage extends from origins in the UK to EMEA and US with experience across legal controls for gambling restrictions in key global markets.


Nicholas Cristal

Expert in digital marketing, grassroots advertising and multichannel campaign management. Nicholas offers deep origins with digital affiliate exchange spaces such as Trade Doubler and has run high profile programs of traffic-centric scaled aggregation for Aegis and WPP for advertisers in verticals such as Finance, Autos, CPG and retail. His expertise offers unprecedented depths in English-speaking markets and offers extensions to cross-channel campaign management in 2013.



Ashley Cristal

Patriarch of medicine, consumer chemistry and pharmaceuticals. Ashley operates a network of dispensing pharmacies in North London delivering expert advice, medication and consultation to a client-base of thousands, providing a high-touch community-centric service that out-performs the value of global brands situation within arms-reach of such establishments. Ashley has built businesses from scratch, turned around failing businesses and successfully encumbered  booming trade, bringing business impact as a merit to quiet communities that need help and support. His philanthropy borrows extension from the origins of his career, spanning decades of tireless work and modest fathoms of entrepreneurial expertise. The internet is a natural extension of his holding group.

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