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Optimisation tips – Optimising to Verification goals for Quality and Safety

Optimising to best performing creative is an important goal to have in mind but for big brand Advertisers in pariticular, already hitting their… more »

Dynamic Creative old bank note

Facebook needs third party ad serving to combat wastage – A DCO example

Facebook’s “walled garden” approach to allowing 3rd party technology on its site can mean that Advertisers do not have access to the latest… more »

Reporting and Analytics mineiro2

Advanced Ad Server Analytics – Understanding Reach and Frequency Reports

Unique Reach The concept of ‘uniqueness’ is an important consideration in ad server reporting. Impressions reported in the basic aggregated reporting “impressions” column… more »

New Revenue Models Ad-Serving

Publishers: Cashing in on Ad Viewability Duration

For ten years digital marketing has mandated that if a user stares at a standard display ad for an hour, it has the… more »