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Optimisation Tips – Optimising Impressions to a target audience

Target audience Use content classification verification reporting to establish the baseline and distribution of the audience on a non-specific audience buy across multiple… more »

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What is a third party adserver and why use one?

What is third party ad serving? A third party ad server is a business to business machine or system that does a specific… more »

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Optimisation Tips – Optimising to Total Conversions or attributed conversions

Total Conversions or E-Conversions The analyst can begin optimizing to conversions by running conversion reports by format as well as by Publisher. This… more »

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Third party ad serving – Tracking a single user across multiple browsers on the same device

Tracking a single user across multiple browsers on the same device Users very rarely use a single access point or single browser to… more »

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Comparing Ad Servers to Asset Management Systems

High performing creative production teams are those that are most organized when so many files come into play. If each creative has three… more »

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How does in-browser ad blocking affect websites on the Internet

Ad blocking tools in the browser Some users install software or browser extensions (also called “plugins”) to “block” ads from appearing on their… more »

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Understanding the role of Publisher Networks in Ad Serving

Publisher Networks Publishers must monetise their websites to offset the costs of producing and maintaining content and without subscription this can only be… more »

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Optimisation Tips – Optimising to Performance Goals – Optimising to Total Clicks

Total Clicks The campaign media analyst could begin optimizing to clicks by establishing a baseline: checking the benchmark and performance reporting for clicks… more »

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Optimisation Tips – Optimising to Performance goals – Engagement and Interraction

Engagement and Interaction Interaction and engagement is only going to be available on Rich Media and video ads. Although the cost to serve… more »

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Publisher Certification for third party adserved Instream ads

Publisher Certification for Third party adserved Instream ads In Instream ad delivery, the video player environment on the Publisher site that renders the… more »