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Total Clicks


The campaign media analyst could begin optimizing to clicks by establishing a baseline: checking the benchmark and performance reporting for clicks on previous campaigns at the third party ad server. At a minimum, format performance for clicks by country and Advertiser vertical will set an expectation before optimization begins. Previous effective click cost data (based on a CPM) will also provide an indication as to the expected number of clicks based on the spend alone.

Total Clicks – Creative Optimization

  • Standard reporting will indicate which ads and creative drove the most clicks from within the placements. The trafficker can adjust the ad controls such as weighting on placements so that ads and creative attracting more clicks are shown more often. If different creative is being shown to different Publisher sites, consider swapping the creative over if creative of the same dimensions with different messaging is performing better elsewhere as long as the Publisher can be ruled out as a reason for the improvement. Collating all historical reporting together can help form a benchmark to be clear if the Publisher is responsible for the improvement. Since the adjustment to the creative happens in the ad server, the live campaign will not be affected by the change.
  • If creative messaging is not standardised across all ad sizes and one message is found to be responsible for improved performance, consider having the Creative Agency build addition ads with the optimum message. The trafficker can then put these into rotation. To cut creative costs, consider using DCO from the outset to take advantage of dynamic text fields.
  • In this process the analyst can analyse the user pathway to the click events. A pathway to conversion report may indicate that clicks are influenced by other ads and creative messages.
  • Some ad servers filter multiple clicks on the same ad. If multiple clicks by a single user can still be classed as a contribution to the goal, consider converting the display ad to rich media and counting additional clicks using custom interactions.


Total Clicks – Media Optimization

  • Pulling campaign reports will indicate which sites, sections, Publishers, Networks, channels and formats provided the most clicks. Planners and buyers can consider revising the proposed media spend, distributing the remaining budget to better performers where possible. This may include excluding some Publishers from the remainder of the campaign.
  • Before removing anything from the plan, the analyst can look at pathway to conversion and cross channel reporting to ensure that any changes to the media plan will not inadvertently affect click performance elsewhere.
  • Pathway to conversion may also provide stronger case to demonstrate that some Publishers are adding no value across the board.
  • For search specifically planners and buyers could pay more for the keywords that drive the most clicks. Keyword path analysis can play a role in showing which keywords and combinations of keywords are driving clicks across all tracked channels.
  • The analyst can use cost data to determine how much it is costing to get a click, even if none of the activity is running on a CPC model by calculating based on the impression to click ratio (CTR). Use this to calculate an effective CPC. Propose paying Publishers on a CPC is an unlikely ask but it will ensure that the media is totally geared towards click performance. Use the effective CPC to convince the Publisher to lower the cost of the media so that the impression costs will yield the click costs based on the performance to date. A CPC model might be possible across affiliate activity.
  • Channel reporting may reveal that some channels have a greater impression to click ratio such as email. So long as the reach volumes are high enough to reach the click goal with the available inventory, use the ad serving data to demonstrate that planners can spend more across those channels.


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