Optimisation tips – Optimising to a specific campaign ROI in Direct Response

ROI (& extended data) goals


The ROI is revealed in the third party ad server’s conversion tag extended data (where the conversion tag has been setup to collect this data), so the ad server report analyst will want to look at cookie level data on the conversion tag. Here, any paid for media activity that drives a sale, can have the sale amount revealed (see diagram above). By subtracting the costs of the media (and all other costs) from the sale amount, the ROI is revealed. Where the extended parameters have been populated, the cookie and the pathway to conversion are the key to ROI. Comparing costs for media and technology with the revenue figure (real costs for the purchased item) will reveal the ROI.

ROI Creative Optimization

  • The analyst can determine if there is a link between creative, format and the final revenue.
  • The trafficker could implement a DCO campaign to lower creative costs across the board, improving ROI whatever the final revenue figure turns out to be.

ROI Media Optimization

  • The analyst could build profiling around those cookies that spend more money and target users which have similar behaviors with a media and creative strategy that worked to get the profiled users to buy.
  • The analyst could establish a baseline for the audience based on content verification reporting and by Publisher to ensure that planners and buyers adjust the media plan to buy across more affluent audiences.
  • As with other forms of media optimization, the planners and buyers could choose to pay Publishers based on an ROI or CPA model. This would be articular effective across performance channels such as affiliates.


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