Optimisation Tips – Optimising Impressions to a target audience

Target audience

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Use content classification verification reporting to establish the baseline and distribution of the audience on a non-specific audience buy across multiple publishers. The affinity between audiences and content or audience verification reporting specifically will reveal what audience groups are seeing ads. Once it is clear which geographies and inferred demographics the users belong to, the optimization can begin.

Target Audience – Creative Optimization

  • Where higher cost ad formats such as Rich Media are delivering to an ineffective audience, the trafficker can add audience targeting to the campaign setup in the third party ad server interface.
  • Fluctuations of user traffic for various demographics are known to map to times of the day. Rather than pay for additional audience targeting data, the trafficker can utilise ad controls to show different creative messages at different times of the day.
  • To lower creative costs, the Advertiser can utilise DCO and retargeting for personalisation as well as creative message sequencing.


Target Audience – Media Optimization

  • Since Verification reporting for content and audience verification, will reveal the audience types that Publishers provide, planners and buyers can use this data to spend less with Publishers that do not attract the target audience. This saves money by circumventing the need to increase spend on a guaranteed audience targeting with that Publisher.
  • If planners and buyers invest in inventory with a price based guarantee against a target audience goal, such as geography, there is an optimization opportunity. When the activity goes live, the analyst can run a verification geo report to catch Publishers that fail to setup the geo targeting. The remuneration of the failure can be spent on audience targeting with a Publisher that does not breach the audience targeting conditions.


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