Tricking Users into Ad Engagement – we wont click if we think there’s a trick

Tricking Users into Ad Engagement – we wont click if we think there’s a trick

Consuming a fair volume of digital content myself from aggregation publishers such as Upworthy and Business Insider (all tongue in cheek and taken with a pinch of salt) I know I am reading sub-par news but imagine my dismay when i come to the end of the article and find these supposed “advertorials” directing the user to more content with the aim of selling something to them.

magic circle seeks magician

Publishers that take the time to produce content, even bad content have an opportunity to monetize their inventory. If their sales teams aren’t able to fill the empty ad spots in time, then machines can do this. Connecting a publisher ad server with a Supply Side platform is a great way of ensuring that ads spots are sold at a premium to genuine advertisers with decent creative. A full solution such as OpenX is a great place to start to monetize that inventory. As the user arrives on the page, these spots can be pushed down into an exchange and sold to the highest bidder.

Ads from well known advertisers and brands actually help to build reader trust with the content they appear alongside because Advertisers do not want to appear alongside rubbish.

These awful “bizarre trick” house ads remind me of “click here” popups from the 1990’s. They are a waste of space and a hindrance on the progress of quality content online. No one believes there is a magician from the magic circle who has gone AWOL to write copy for digital ads. Simply put: we wont click if we think there’s a trick.

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