Adserving and tracking ads on Pinterest

I have a confession to make! I am currently hooked on Pinterest!

A social application with a population of over 70% females, one would think that Ad Serving Technology has no place among the pictures of wedding dresses, cats in hats and endless streams of elegant dresses. Such a assumption would be utterly incorrect. Indeed Pinterest seems to be a social network (unlike Twitter, Facebook and Linkedin) that  doesn’t suffer from quite so much noise.

For the last six months I have been gradulally bringing articles together on topics regarding global advertising, digital ad technology and a leisurely focus on the ups and downs of the cryptocurrency Bitcoin (a board with fifty or more followers).

Interestingly Pinterest can form part of any Advertiser’s digital marketing strategy. The social conversation is engaging and doesn’t come across as a push. Unilever in particular seem to have the right idea, pushing out recipes and infographics that stimulate the tastebuds. Uploading the still image of a creative to an ad server and then pinning the image to a board would count a delivered impression. Further still, an ad, embedded on a page with impression and click tracker indeed would allow at least the counting of clicks and of impressions. The problem with some phones of course remains that third party cookies are not accepted and therefore tracking Pinterest ads as an attribution point in a pathway to conversion remains out of reach.


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